Solar Electrification for Rural Communities

In sub-Saharan Africa, only 8% of the population in rural areas has access to mains electricity but mini-grids – localized generation, transmission and distribution of power – could change all that. These populations suffer from poor health, social and economic development conditions whilst paying a large part of their revenue for a harmful and polluting energy. As the international expert in solar energy, SOLAR EPC provides most reliable, affordable and clean energy for your community.
In countries where the energy infrastructure is under-developed and few towns are adequately electrified, extending the grid is often not financially viable, and certainly not likely to happen in the short to medium term. As the cost of solar energy in rural Africa, and other countries in Asia has fallen dramatically in recent years, setting up a mini-grid powered by renewable energy has become the cheapest way to provide electricity.
At Solar EPC we specialize in providing complete off-grid electrification (with optional back-up) to rural and undeveloped communities in African and other Asian countries.  Our off-grid solar electrification projects provide an effective and renewable energy source that meets the highest safety and design specifications.
We focus heavily on the sustainability of our solar electrification systems – working together with universities, NGOs, local government and, more especially, involving the local communities and their leadership.
It is part of our vision to train and equip unskilled labour to increase manufacture of our DC Micro-Grids in all rural and disadvantaged areas throughout Africa and Asia, creating sustainable employment and social development for as long as the sun continues to shine.