Site Assessment

We understand that the earlier we engage in a project the greater the impact we can have on the final project cost and therefore we are committed to engaging as early in the design process as possible. Weather working with developers or directly with long term owners we believe that being involved in the early phases of site selection, design, layout and interconnection methods is the only way to keep cost low. SOLAR EPC understands that designing a solar asset is much more than laying our squares on a piece of paper, it requires an in-depth understanding of the construction process from mobilization to commercial operation. We know how to optimize labor and coordinate delivery, a well-run project is much like a symphony and we are world class conductors.

We review aerial photos to figure out if your site has enough sun exposure. Once we have discovered that solar energy system is a viable option for meeting your energy needs, we take all the data and analyze it, and match you up with the best and suitable professional. It will ensure that your needs and expectations are met and satisfied accordingly.