Construction & Installation


We ensure your project is constructed according to plan and through the use of best practices and techniques.
With Solar EPC’s stringent safety and quality standards always in mind, construction managers supervise all skilled trade professionals working on your project, setting expectations for performance and ensuring steady progress.
Solar EPC’s fluently adapt to changes throughout the construction process and provide effective solutions that will avoid costly delays and rework.
We thoroughly inspect solar panels, inverters, batteries, charge controllers and other related equipments to check that it meets factory specifications and local electrical code. Then we’ll install the equipment on your power system, test it repeatedly, and commission it. No matter the location, climate, or conditions, we can ensure your solar system is ready for operation.

Electrical engineering and grid code compliance

All our grid engineers are highly experienced with grid compliance in different markets around the world, and consider the complete system design – from solar panel through to grid connection. We have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of grid connections and grid code compliance, and understand the vital part that securing grid capacity for projects plays during development. We also understand how all generators must comply with stringent grid codes. It’s essential for safe and efficient network operation.